Minimum | Rs. 2000

Inclusive Of Taxes

At Meraki Spa, you can decide the value of gift card you want to give to your loved ones. The Meraki Gift Card is the best way you can make someone's day, be it an occasion or simply because you care. The Meraki team believes that there is immense joy in giving, so we'll pass on the energy when your loved ones come by.

What You Need To Do
You need to enter the gift amount of your choice when you're buying the Gift Card.

What You Will Get
You will receive an email with the Gift Card in printable .pdf format. You can either take a quality print in a type of paper you desire, write your message and gift it or simply forward the soft copy of the Gift Card to your loved one. Remember not to tamper the Card Number in anyway.

What They Will Get
Your loved ones can pay for services at the Spa with the Gift Card and remember you.